Disaster recovery

A disaster is any unplanned event that causes the total interruption of the production runtime.

In order to protect your business from such event, Bonita Cloud has put in place a Disaster Recovery Plan.

The goal of our disaster recovery plan is to guarantee the continuity of the customer business.

In case of disaster, Bonitasoft targets for its production runtime:

  • To recover the service within 15 minutes (Recovery Time Objective: 15 minutes) NOTE: Recovery Time Objective or RTO is a metric that helps to calculate how quickly Bonitasoft targets to recover its IT infrastructure and services following a disaster in order to maintain the customer’s business continuity.

  • To limit the data loss to 1 minute (Recovery Point Objective: 1 minute)

    Recovery Point Objective or RPO is a metric to define the maximum tolerable amount of data that can be lost following a disaster.

Bonita Cloud Disaster Recovery