Getting started with Bonita Cloud

With Bonita Cloud starting a new project has never been easier:

  1. After receiving all the required technical credentials, create a Bonita Portal administrator for your runtimes

  2. Download the Bonita Studio in your customer Portal (Request a download).

  3. Develop your application within the studio (Getting started).

    With Bonita Cloud no need to install any runtime, they’re already available in our cloud.
  4. Configure your Bonita Cloud Continuous Delivery platform.

  5. Use Bonita Cloud Continuous Delivery platform to build and deploy your application to the Integration or Pre-production runtimes (Building and deploying to Bonita Cloud).

    We recommend to use the non-production runtime as follows:

    • Integration: for tests by the development team with test data

    • Pre-production: for tests by the final or test users with production-like data.

  6. Validate the application.

  7. Deploy to production with the Bonita Cloud Continuous Delivery platform.