Building a Living Application

Build Job

The job "ACTION - Build a LivingApp" allows you to build your living applications:


Launching a build

  1. Click on the CDPlayButton of the "ACTION - Build a LivingApp" job.

  2. Your default build configuration will be pre-loaded. If needed you can change it (includes the repository URL and branch)

  3. Click on the build button (lower left).

  4. You should see the job progress and steps.


Result of a build

Successful build

If the job is successful, you can consult and download the artifacts created from the build.

You can either see them in the job overview or the detail of the specific build job instance:

  • Job Overview

    if your last job fails, it will still display the last successful artifacts.
    • Open the job by clicking on its title

    • In the top of the page, you will find the last successful build artifacts

  • Job instance detail

    This also allows you to consult previous build result
    • Open the specific job instance by click on its ID

    • You can now consult the result of that job instance:


Failed Build

If the job fails then you need to open its logs to understand the issues.


The below build job has failed


To get more information on the issue, click on the step that failed and information on the error will be displayed:


If this isn’t enough then you can click on the "Logs" button to have the full logs: