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Appearance of page and forms

Bonita allows you to define the appearance of a page or form using themes.

Apply an application resource theme

Page and form appearance is based on the Bootstrap v3.3.2 CSS framework. To define the appearance of a page or form you can use an application theme resource, apply a Boostrap theme, or manually add a custom CSS class that you implement. By default, pages designed with the UI Designer are deployed in an application and use the theme chosen for the application.

Apply a Boostrap CSS theme

Many Bootstrap CSS themes are available (for example at

To apply a Bootstrap theme, download it and add it to your page or form as a CSS asset. To see the result, preview your page. Applying a Bootstrap theme as a CSS asset will override the application theme.

Customize appearance

The appearance of a page or form widget can be modified with a CSS stylesheet.

The UI Designer use the Bootstrap CSS, so the markup provided for widgets uses Bootstrap CSS classes. You can add classes by using the CSS classes property field available for each widget in the whiteboard.

Then, to customize the widget appearance, include a CSS asset in your page or form. In this CSS file you can either overwrite the Bootstrap CSS classes or implement the classes you specify in the CSS classes property field.