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Application Themes

Create, import, define and use personal themes to skin your Bonita application.

Theme definition

A theme is an archive of files used to define and share CSS definitions and images for an application. It enables you to specify the same style for all pages and layout of an application. Each application can have its own theme.

There are some examples of themes in the portal.

A theme is exported, imported, modified, and deleted as a resource in Bonita Portal. You specify the theme for an application in Bonita Portal.

A theme is imported as a zip archive containing a file and a resources folder.

  • The file contains the metadata for the theme (the name used in the URL, the display name, and a description). For example:

    displayName=Default theme
    description=Application theme based on Bootstrap "Simplex" theme (see
  • The resources folder must contain at least an index.html file and a CSS file named theme.css. The index file must be present in the zip but is ignored, so can be empty.

Any CSS, images or JavaScript files can be shared using a theme resource.

Export the examples to see how to structure a theme.

The default themes are based on the bootswatch example, so you can easily choose another existing theme and package it to define a new theme.

It is also possible to customize your own theme using bootstrap-live-customizer or bootstrap basic customization tool.


A theme can only be associated with an application to define the style. It cannot itself be used as a simple application page.