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Bonita Engine Queriable logger

Queriable logger provides information about important events that happened in the Bonita Platform.

For Enterprise, Performance, Efficiency, and Teamwork editions only.


The queriable logger service provides information about important events in the Bonita Platform that are not directly related to execution of a process. The log includes information about administration operations such as deployment of a new process definition, commands, reporting, actor mapping, Portal Look & Feel themes, and organization and user management.

The Bonita Engine stores information in the queriable log. The information in the log is accessible using the LogAPI (Enterprise, Performance, Efficiency, and Teamwork editions only).

The information available from the queriable log is primarily for the platform and process administrator. It is not intended to be used as a notification system: avoid pooling on the queriable log. If you need to be notified of specific events, use the configurable event service.


Here is an example of how to search for log message about a specific activity:

final SearchOptionsBuilder builder = new SearchOptionsBuilder(0, 100);
builder.filter(LogSearchDescriptor.ACTION_SCOPE, aTaskId);
builder.searchTerm("Adding a new user");
builder.sort(LogSearchDescriptor.ACTION_TYPE, Order.ASC);
final LogAPI logAPI = TenantAPIAccessor.getLogAPI(session);
final SearchResult<Log> searchedLogs = logAPI.searchLogs(builder.done());
for (Log log : searchedLogs.getResult()) {
     // Print the detailed user creation message:

Implementation details

The queriable logger service stores log message in the Bonita Engine back-end database using the Hibernate library. The interface and the implementation of the service are available from the source code repository on GitHub.