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Build a process for deployment

Build deployment artifacts that will allow you to install your process onto a server.

How to

When a process is ready for deployment, build an archive file in Bonita Studio that can be installed in Bonita Portal. You also need to initialize the organization information needed in Bonita Portal.

A process is deployed by installing a business archive (.bar) file in Bonita Portal. To create the business archive:

  1. Choose Build…​ from the Server menu.

  2. Select the process to be exported.

  3. Specify whether you want to export a configuration with the process. Exporting a configuration will export all the information and other items that you configured, including connectors and dependencies.

  4. Specify the location where the .bar file will be created. The filename is determined by the process name and cannot be changed at this stage.

  5. Click Finish. The business archive is created.

Initialize the organization in Bonita Portal

To prepare your production system (unless you are using a Subscription editions and the LDAP synchronizer), you must create the organization that you need for all the processes that will be deployed, export it from Bonita Studio, and import it into Bonita Portal.

To export the organization, go to the Organization menu and choose Export…​. You can then import the organization into Bonita Portal. After the organization is imported into Bonita Portal, you can manage the groups, roles, and users in the organization.