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Bonita Open Solution provides Connectors to connect a task (activity) or a process (pool) to external information systems.

Connectors take specified input (directly as a value from the end user or carried over / built into an expression) and execute Java code. Some connectors also return output back into Bonita Open Solution. Inputs and outputs for each connector provided in Bonita Open Solution are given in this section.

There are two ways to configure connectors:

Add a connector - choose a connector already defined in Bonita Open Solution

Create a connector - Create a new connector type; place it in an existing Bonita Open Solution category; use this as a wizard for future connectors of the same type

Once created, connectors can be Moved or Copied (to another task or to a process / pool). There is also a function to Test a connector before the process is run.

Bonita Open Solution connectors accept embedded code, take inputs, communicate with external services, and return outputs


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