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Form [field] Design

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This section is about Form Builder in Bonita Studio, which is used to create and configure fields in forms, that is:

  • how fields will be arranged in a form (using a grid)
  • what type of data a field will take
  • the characteristics of a field (mandatory, read only, etc)
  • how a field will treat data (initial value, data manipulation, saving data, etc)
  • how fields can be related to one another (grouped, contingent, etc)

In other words, it is used to design how a user will input data into forms, (that is, in fields), and it explains how, behind each field, the process will treat/handle data. Note that when you are designing a form, you can only use data that was defined when you opened the form. If you add new data, you will need to close and reopen the form before you can use that data in a form field.

For overall form design and how to present forms to a user, see Web applications.