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Documentation overview

Open Source

The online documentation system for Bonita Open Solution contains descriptions and how-to’s (tutorials) for the many features and functions available in the Open Source and Subscription Package versions of Bonita Open Solution.

The documentation is organized by section for each release of Bonita Open Solution.

Functional Guides

The first 5 chapters organize information by role, pointing to the sections in the documentation below that are most likely to be of interest to the Business Analyst (process modeling), the Process Engineer (model completion for execution), the Application Developer (applications for Web deployment), the System Administrator (setting up Bonita Open Solution), and the Process Administrator (managing deployed processes).  These sections are aligned with User Guidance in Bonita Open Solution.

Features Description and Tutorials

The rest of the documentation is generally organized by function as each group of features are applied to model, connect, deploy, and manage processes using Bonita Open Solution.  The Table of Contents to the left of this page collapses and expands.  Explore this, and the pages beneath it, to become familiar with the documentation organization.

Use the search feature to find documentation on specific features.

Documentation on each feature is now marked with a colored tab: Open Source (red), Teamwork (blue), Efficiency (yellow), or Performance (green).  The BOS Subscription Packs contain all open source features, and each Subscription Pack contains all the features of the Subscription Pack below it (for example, BOS Performance edition documentation also includes all Open Source, Teamwork, and Efficiency features.

This online documentation system is a work in progress - we will be continuing to add more complete information, connect links, and build cross-references.


Your feedback will help us improve the documentation. You can report errors, incomplete or missing information, and other issues via the community “bug report” function available in Report Issues. Add your issue to the Project titled Documentation Feedback.  We'll do our best to get it fixed promptly.

- The BonitaSoft Documentation Team