Variables in integration tests

Process and task variables can be retrieved from process instances and tasks, archived or not. This allows to validate the values of those variables at any time during a test, to validate that the process behave correctly.

Integrations tests are built upon the Bonita Test Toolkit, based on the open-source Bonita Java Client.
The Bonita Test Toolkit is only available for Enterprise, Performance, Efficiency, and Teamwork. editions.

Retrieve the value of a variable

A variable can be retrieved from a process instance or from a task.
The object Variable gives access to the name, the description, the type and the value (as a String) of the variable.

class ProcessIT {

    void retrieve_variable(BonitaTestToolkit toolkit) {
        User user = toolkit.getUser("walter.bates");
        ProcessDefinition processDef = toolkit.getProcessDefinition("myProcess");
        ProcessInstance processInstance = processDef.startProcessFor(user);

        Variable stringProcessVariable = processInstance.getVariable("stringProcessVariable"); (1)
        assertThat(stringProcessVariable.getType()).isEqualTo("java.lang.String"); (2)
        assertThat(stringProcessVariable.getValue()).isEqualTo("Hello!"); (3)

        Variable integerProcessVariable = processInstance.getVariable("integerProcessVariable"); (4)
        assertThat(integerProcessVariable.getType()).isEqualTo("java.lang.Integer"); (5)
        assertThat(integerProcessVariable.getValue()).isEqualTo("0"); (6)

        Task userTask = processInstance.getFirstPendingUserTask("aTask");
        Variable multipleTaskVariable = userTask.getVariable("multipleTaskVariable"); (7)
        assertThat(multipleTaskVariable.getType()).isEqualTo("java.util.List"); (8)
        assertThat(multipleTaskVariable.getValue()).isEqualTo("[a, b]"); (9)
1 A process variable named stringProcessVariable is retrieved from the process instance
2 The type of this process variable should be java.lang.String
3 The content of this process variable should be "Hello!"
4 A process variable named integerProcessVariable is retrieved from the process instance
5 The type of this process variable should be java.lang.Integer
6 The content of this process variable should be "0" (the String value for the integer 0)
7 A task variable named multipleTaskVariable is retrieved from the user task aTask
8 The type of this task variable should be java.util.List
9 The content of this task variable should be "[a, b]" (the String value for a list containing the values "a" and "b")