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Clustering overview

A cluster serves as a parallel or distributed processing system involving stand-alone computers which work together as a single, integrated computing source over a network.

Documentation purpose

This documentation is intended to describe how to configure a 2 nodes cluster in active-active mode with Bonita Open Solution Subscription Pack version 5.10.

It is strongly recommended to first install a single server and ensure the installation is working properly before configuring your environment as a Cluster.

Prerequisites for using Clustering with Bonita

You will need to have downloaded and installed the 5.10 Download it here.

Note: The clustering is only available for BOS SP and not BOS

Requirements and limitations:

You must ensure that the system clock of all nodes are synchronized (using NTP protocol for example).

All the nodes must use the same Databases. DB high availability must be ensured by the DB engine itself.

Bonita Large Data Repository (Bonita LDR) must be shared across all nodes (example using NFS).

No global hibernate index ( is false). userXP filters and API search methods return empty results.

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