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Change the look and feel of Web forms


Each Web form created for a task (step) has essentially 4 levels of layout that define its look and feel:

  • A host page layout or application container
  • A process layout which surrounds a form
  • Aglobal page template(for entry, view, or overview pages which surrounds an entry form defined for a task, and specifies the location of common elements, such as the title of the form, the name of the user assigned to the task, etc.
  • A task level layout which incorporates both the global page template and the individual form data fields (which are designed in Form Builder).

For example, in the default Bonita web application shown below:

  • The host page is not visible; it contains no dynamic elements.
  • The process layout is black and contains a link to Bonita User Experience.
  • The global page template is light grey and shows a logo, the logged user, the name of the form, etc.

The task level layout shows the form fields as designed in Form Builder inside the global page template.

This section describes how to change the default web application for:

  • host page template
  • process layout
  • global page templates
  • task level layout
  • error pages

The steps to do this are essentially the same for all of the above.

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