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The List of all Cases is found in the Administration View of Bonita User Experience.

The List of all cases shows all Cases that have been implemented for deployed Processes. As Process Administrator, you can see and interact with active cases from here.
There are two types of Case lists: Open (actively running) cases and archived (completed) cases.

List of open cases

For each line (Case) there is a set of icons/actions that convey information about the case.

Archived cases only

The case lists shows the contents of the Bonita database (it does NOT show engine activity). A human task is committed into the database at its creation, so it shows up as "ready to be completed" in the list of open cases. Service, or automatic, tasks are not visible as "open" in the list of open cases.

For example, consider this process : Start 1 > ServiceTask 1 > ServiceTask 2 > HumanTask 1 > End 1

User starts the process. The Bonita Execution Engine creates a transaction, and completes Start 1, then executes ServiceTask 1.

At this point, nothing is committed into the database, so the list of cases is empty as database has not been modified.

ServiceTask 1 finishes and the Bonita Execution Engine executes ServiceTask 2.

Again, nothing is committed into the database.

ServiceTask 2 finishes and the Bonita Execution Engine creates HumanTask 1, and commits the start of the transaction.

The database has now been modified. An opened case exists in the database and the open cases list shows the HumanTask 1 as "open".

The User hits the "Submit" button in the HumanTask 1 form. The task completes and the Bonita Execution Engine goes to End 1.

The case is completed and archived. It will be displayed in case list in "Show archived cases only".

You can, however, see completed service or automatic tasks in the case history.

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