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Tour of Bonita Open Solution

Open Source

Bonita Open Solution is comprised of several integrated modules:
  • Bonita Studio (to design and draw processes)
  • Bonita Form Builder (in Bonita Studio, to create forms destined for end user Web applications)
  • Bonita User Experience (to interact with and manage deployed processes)

In addition, behind the graphic interface is the Bonita Execution Engine that connects processes to external systems and deploys/runs the processes. The graphic interface is connected directly to the Bonita Execution Engine, making it possible to execute test process models directly.

On the whiteboard, you can draw one or more process diagrams. Each diagram can contain one or more pools. Saving a diagram saves all the pools as individual processes, which can be deployed together or separately.

Each pool in a process diagram is a complete process. When the pool(s) in a process diagram are defined, you can test-run them in your development environment by clicking on theRun button.

Bonita Studio

The graphic interface (the whiteboard) of Bonita Studio allows you to draw processes directly using design elements consistent with standard Business Process Modeling Notation (

Bonita Studio Form Builder

At each process task that takes an input (i.e. human task), Bonita Open Solution can automatically create a default form with default fields based on the data variables you have defined.

When the process is run in development mode, a basic, non-customized default Bonita form for each step is presented in the default Bonita Web application.

You can modify the end user interface in the following ways:

  • Customize the fields and contents of an individual form at the task level (in what order the fields are presented, the field labels, field characteristics, and so on)
  • Customize the layout of an individual form by modifying or changing the html template for the individual form, and/or modifying or changing the global page template; and/or
  • Change the Web application in which forms appear

Use Bonita Studio Form Builder to customize the fields in a form. The other customization tools for forms are found elsewhere in Bonita Studio.

Bonita User Experience

Bonita User Experience provides an email-inbox-like interface for managing individual steps, individual instances (cases), and processes.

There are several ways to interact with Bonita User Experience in different phases in a process life cycle:

  • As the process designer/developer (e.g. the person who can design, deploy, modify processes)
  • As the process administrator (e.g. the person responsible for managing a set of deployed processes)
  • As an end user (e.g. an employee within the company with responsibility to act in order to complete the process case, or an external client or customer)

The process designer/developer can use The User Experience to see and test all end user and process administrator functions while developing the process.


default user login: john, jack or james
default user password: bpm

Process administrators can use Bonita User Experience to monitor and interact with processes deployed by the process designer/developer.

End users who have tasks to perform in a process can use Bonita User Experience to see what tasks (called "steps" in Bonita User Experience) are waiting for them to complete, enter or see data in forms, and interact with the case histories of cases in which they have been involved.