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Download and install (simple)



Bonita Open Solution is available for download from the BonitaSoft web site.
Your internet browser will automatically detect which operating system you have (Windows, Mac or linux) and if you have a Windows 32 or 64 bit operating system.
(see the Windows operating system check below if you are not sure).
The download will page will automatically display the correct version compatible with your system.

Simple installation 

For a simple installation, complete the following steps:

1. Click on download to download the .exe BOS-5.9.1-win-setup.exe from this page BonitaSoft web site. 

2. Click on the BOS-5.9.1-win-setup.exe file to launch the installation and follow the instructions

3. If the installation fails, a popup window will be displayed telling you do not have Java 6 (minimum) installed.

In this case, download and install Java 6.0 ( minimum)compatible with your operating system (either 32 or 64 bit).
(See here Java for Windows, Mac and Linux).

Restart the installation procedure.

4. When the installation is finished, a quick-launch icon will appear on your desktop to launch Bonita Studio. Check that the launcher points to the correct version, by right-clicking on the icon and choosing Properties from the menu.
In the Target field, the name of the application should be BonitaStudio.exe on a 32 bit system or BonitaStudio-64bits.exe on a 64-bit system.

Troubleshooting for 64 bit

The issue only concerns the Windows 64 bit version (not 32 bit) and Java compatibility.
The problem arises because the Bonita BPM installer currently only detects if your Windows operating system is 64 bit or 32 bit. 
It does not detect if your Java is 64 bit or 32 bit. 

The following is a more detailed explanation along with some workarounds.
- The Bonita BPM Windows installer (the file you download from the BonitaSoft web site named BOS-5.9.1-win-setup.exe) is able to detect if a JVM (java Virtual Machine) is correctly installed.
- on Windows 64 bit, you can setup both 32 and 64 bit software. So you can install Java 32 bitand/or Java 64 bit.
- on Windows 32 bit, you cannot setup 64 bit software. So you must install Java 32 bit.
- The Bonita BPM Studio Installer will always create a shortcut to Bonita 64 bits runtime (BonitaStudio-64bits.exe) even if only Java 32 bits is installed. This can cause a problem.
- The Java version (32/64 bits) needs to match Bonita BPM Studio (32/64 bits).

To download the .zip file with both 32 and 64 bit versions, see here.


Java version check

Before you download and install Bonita BPM Studio, check the Java version installed on your computer.
Check that you have minimum Java 6.0 (or 7.0) installed here.

Alternatively, use Windows Command Prompt to check:
1. Click on "Start"
2. Click on "Run" to open Command prompt
3. Type in "java -version"

Windows operating system check

Check to see if your Windows operating system configuration is 32 or 64 bit.

1. Click on "Start"
2. Click on "Control panel"
3. Click on "System"
4. This displays 'General system information' page
5. In System section on this page, see 'Type' for bit version. 


1. Click on "Start"
2. In the search field, type "msinfo32.exe"
3. Click on "OK"4. On "System information page", see 'Type' for bit version. 

The following are the possible workarounds:
- Install Java 64 bit on your Windows 64 bit computer. In  this way, you can benefit from the optimum performance of the 64 bit version.
- Download the  .zip file containing 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Choose the 64 bit .exe to launch Bonita BPM Studio.
- Go to the Bonita BPM Studio installation folder and run BonitaStudio.exe instead of BonitaStudio-64bit exe: you will be able to use the Studio without any additional installation.
- Edit the desktop shortcut and change the target runtime to Bonita Studio 32 bits version (BonitaStudio.exe)

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