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Form Builder overview

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When you create a new form, the Bonita Studio Form Builder appears. It looks very much like Bonita Studio, but it has parts specifically dedicated to developing form fields based on the variables you have defined.

In Form Builder, the Menu Bar (1) and Cool bar (2) are the same as in Bonita Studio.

The widget palette (3) contains the widgets you can use to create and configure form fields. Right-click on the widget palette to choose a different display option.

The whiteboard (4) contains a form grid instead of a diagram. The tab shows the name of the form. One form = one tab. You can have multiple forms open at once.

The overview panel (5) shows the overview of the entire form grid.

The details panel (6) organizes field customization functions in its 2 tabs: General and Appearance. Each different type of widget contains different features and functions in its details panel. These are described in this section.