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User Guidance

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User Guidance consists of 2 parts:

  • User Guidance profiles
  • User Guidance checklists

User Guidance profiles

A Bonita Studio user can choose one of 3 default profiles. Each profile filters the features presented in Bonita Studio. By disabling some features that you don't need at the moment, you'll have a cleaner, less cluttered Bonita Studio interface.

You can select one from among these profiles, or change profiles at any time.

  • Business Analyst
  • Process Engineer
  • Application Developer

User Guidance checklists

When you apply the User Guidance feature, there is a User Guidance checklist tailored to the active profile.

Each item in the task list is accompanied by a brief explanation and a link to more complete documentation.
This provides a recommended order for process model design, and the task can be checked off as completed as you proceed.

In Bonita Open Solution Subscription Pack, you can choose which User Guidance profiles to apply.  Also, User Guidance profiles can be customized, that is, you can name a new profile, and pick and choose which features to include in Bonita Studio for that profile, and which tasks to include on its User Guidance task list.