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Run a process


To run a process from inside Bonita Studio is one means to "execute" it - in a development environment, to be used for testing as you develop a process.  It does not deploy a process in a production environment.

When you select Run from Bonita Studio, the process is run with the default web application(s) packaged with Bonita Open Solution.

Clicking on the Run button "installs" the process on a test application server (Jetty). This action deletes all previous instances of the process and thereby should be used for tests only.

(For a production environment, export the process as a .bar file along with its associated dependencies. Install the .bar file and dependencies into Bonita User Experience, for example. This will execute the process in a real deployment situation.)

What happens, essentially, behind the Run button:

  • The process and its resources are packaged in a *.bar (Bonita ARchive) file
  • A default Web application specific to the configuration of forms, templates, etc in this process is created
  • The Bonita Execution Engine and a lightweight relational database (Hibernate) are launched by the application
  • A web container (Jetty) is started and the *.war file deployed
  • A new browser window opens and the first application page (instantiation form) is presented

When a process has been run/executed, it can be initiated from Bonita User Experience - again in a development environment.

Note: If you import a .bar file into Bonita Studio where a diagram contains multiple pools, make sure you select the parent diagram to run. If you have just one independant diagram, you can run this without affecting another diagram.

Simply click on the diagram tab to select it, before running it.

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