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Multi instantiation instantiates (initiates) the same task or set of tasks multiple times in parallel. The number of instances (and possibly also the specific actors who will perform each instance), are determined in the process design.

The number of iterations of a multi-instantiated task are known in advance and the iterations are performed in parallel.

To multi-instantiate a task, you will need an instantiator and a join checker.

  • The instantiator is configured to specify how many times the task will be repeated.
  • The join checker is configured to evaluate when the specified number of parallel instances have been completed, so the process can continue to the next step.

If there are multiple tasks to multi-instantiate as a discrete sequence, define a multi-instantiated call activity (that is, a multi-instantiated subprocess).

Instantiators and join checkers are similar to connectors, and can be defined, created, and tested in essentially the same way as connectors can be.