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Generate process documentation (SP)


This feature is available in Bonita Open Solution, Teamwork edition.

When a process is open in Bonita Studio, it is possible to generate documentation containing a summary of individual elements in the process. This is like a process report.

Choose the settings for the format of the export file, how the report will be presented, choose a logo to display and its size in pixels.

What will be exported in the documentation?

You will see the elements contained in the process. The documentation generated will contain:

  • a description of BPMN elements
  • an image of the process
  • a list of activities
  • tables showing groups, actors, tasks, sequence flows, connectors, data, data types, deadlines, dependancies, messages , message flows and KPI.

Template settings
The way the different elements in the process are presented on paper can be easily configured in a pop-up window, before exporting.
In the optional settings in the pop-up window, you can choose to:

  • export the report in different formats: .pdf, .doc, .html, .rtf, .ppt
  • show or hide a description of the BPMN elements
  • change the colour of headings
  • display your logo
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