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Text annotations


Text annotation is one of the standard artifacts in BPMN 2.0. It is used to write extra information and explanations about elements in a process, but it does not effect its execution.

Text annotation is useful for the process designer:

  • to explain more about what is going on generally in a process
  • to clarify how to perform tasks in a process
  • to define terminologies etc. as additional information, which will be helpful to others involved in the process design

Text annotations are basically labels.

There are two ways to create a text annotation:

  • from the design palette - this creates a free-floating annotation that can be placed anywhere on the pool
  • from the context palette - this creates an annotation attached by a thread to its parent element

Either action creates a box for annotated text that is displayed on the whiteboard. You can then enter text into the annotation. The box itself can be enlarged, and moved around on the pool, by clicking and dragging.You can add annotated text to whiteboard elements by clicking and dragging the text annotation icon that appears in the context palette for the element.

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