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Name Description
BAMAPI This API's purpose is to provide a brief overview of Bonita Business Activity Monitoring.
Note: Using this API can affect engine performances.
? commandAPI/execute
This API's purpose is to allow developers to write and execute its own commands packaged within its application.
identityAPI This API's purpose is to manage the users referential.
managementAPI Workflow process deployment operations. Individual or grouped deployment of objects relating to the process definition: businessArchive, JAR file, java class data for connectors, ....
queryDefinitionAPI Getters on the workflow definition data for:
  • processes (full and light-weight)
  • activities
  • participants
  • attachments
As indicated by its prefix: Query, this interface could be seen as complementary to QueryRuntimeAPI interface.
This interface deals with the static part of the data managed by the wokflow.

Workflow data can be retrieved with both entities IDs or names.
queryRuntimeAPI Getters on workflow recorded data.
Operations in this API applies to main entities managed by Bonita such as:
processes, process instances, activities, tasks.
Returned records are issued from recorded runtime informations (both runtime and archived workflow instances).
repairAPI This API's purpose is to repair and adjust process instances.
runtimeAPI To manage process definition, process instance and task life cycle operations as well as to set/add/update variables within activity or instance. Default states for process, processes instances, tasks (aka manual activities) are:
  • States for process: UNDEPLOYED, DEPLOYED
  • States for process instance: INITIAL, STARTED, FINISHED
webAPI Internal use only