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In Bonita 6.x and up to Bonita 7.2.x, for Enterprise, Performance and Efficiency editions only, it was possible for a user to add a subtask to a task, for example to track an external or off-line activity that needed to be completed before the task itself could be completed. Starting from Bonita 7.3.0, creating subtasks is no longer possible.

However, if a process instance has been started in a Bonita 7.2.x version or earlier, if a user has created subtasks, and if the Bonita Platform has been migrated to 7.3.0 or a later version while the case was open, then after migration the subtasks will still be visible to the users assigned to the subtasks, and they will still be able to complete them.

To know more about subtasks, please refer to 7.2 documentation.