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Log files

Studio log file is related to development activities, while Engine log file is related to process testing.

For Enterprise, Performance, Efficiency, and Teamwork editions only.

From the Bonita Studio Help menu you can access the Studio log file and the Engine log file.

See the Logging overview for details of how logging is implemented in Bonita and how to add logging to Groovy scripts or Java code that you add to a process

Studio log file

To access the Studio log file, choose Bonita Studio log from the Help menu.

For Bonita Studio, you can set the level of logging. Edit the config.ini in the Studio root configuration directory and set the value of eclipse.log.level to ERROR, WARNING, INFO, or ALL.


Only error messages are logged


Only error and warning messages are logged


Error, warning, and Info message are logged (this is the default)


All messages are logged, including debug information

Engine log file

When you run a process locally from Bonita Studio for testing, you can access the Engine log file by choosing Bonita Engine log from the Help menu. The logging level for Engine when it is started from Studio is always INFO.

On a deployed system, you can configure the log level and you can access the log files directly, in <TOMCAT_HOME>/server/logs. Each file name includes the date when the file was created. There are several log files:

  • is the Bonita Engine log file.

  • is the log file for the Tomcat application server used by Bonita Studio.

  •,, and are internal Tomcat log files.