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A Jasper 5.0 connector is used for creating pre-formatted reports of data extracted from a database.


The procedure below is an example, and not a reference:

  1. Using MySQL or PostGreSQL, create a database and a table called e.g. address containing data

  2. Use Jasper Studio to connect to the database and create a pre-formatted report in a special .jrxml format

  3. Setup the diagram in Bonita Studio by adding a Jasper connector to a task and the variables and the form variables

  4. Import the pre-formatted .jrxml file into Bonita which will be used to create the graphic version of the data

  5. When the process is run, it will connect to the database in real time

  6. The request in the .jrxml report will be executed

  7. The data will be extracted, imported into Bonita via the connector, a report will be created and then saved in the chosen format (pdf, xml and to the chosen folder. It can be displayed directly in the Portal.

Create a report using the Jasper 5.0 connector

This is an example only and not a generic reference.


In MySQL, create a database with a table and information. In this example, put address as the name of the table, for example.

The .jrxml file is created by Jasper Studio, and contains the database and the table name. If the names are changed, the request in the .jrxml file will fail, the connector will not recognize the name and not connect.

The structure of the table must be identical to the one below, but the names and cities can be anything you like: | INTEGER | VARCHAR | VARCHAR | VARCHAR | VARCHAR | | ------ | ------ | ------ | ------ | ------ | | id | Firstname | Lastname | Street | City | | 1 | Sherlock | Holmes | 221b Baker street | London | | 2 | Bruce | Wayne | Wayne Manor | Gotham | | 2 | Indy | Jones | 38 Adler avenue | Fairfield |

Use Jasper Studio to connect to the external database to create a report in the compatible .jrxml format.


  1. Create a new diagram.

  2. Create a start event, then 3 tasks: (1 human task called beforeJasper, one service task called Jasper and one human task called afterJasper), and lastly an end event.

Pool data

Select the pool and create 2 documents: a bonitadocument called input (.jxrml) and an output format for the document to be created (.pdf,.xml

Go to the Details panel, Data tab, Documents panel, and click Add. In the popup, click From Bonita > Browse…​ > Import…​ (example.jrxml) to import the Bonita document.

Document | Name | Data type | | ---- | ------- | | jrxmlDocName | text |

Now to configure the first task:

  1. Add a Jasper connector to the task.

  2. Enter the database connection information to connect to your database.

  3. In Report Settings, enter the name of the .jrxml document used to create the report.jrxmlDocName.

  4. Choose the output format: pdf, xml or html.

  5. In Output operations, choose name of the object to contain the document and take the value reportDocValue.

Click on *Run.* Bonita Portal will be launched.


A report is created, graphically representing the data from the database.

The Jasper connector is only testable in Bonita Studio if a JDBC driver is installed.