Tutorial overview

You will then be able to adapt and extend this example to fit your own needs.

If you have any problems while working through this tutorial, you can ask for help on the Bonita Community web site and/or open an issue on the Bonita Community issue tracker.

Before starting

  1. Make sure to check this chapter, that tells you everything about what Bonita is.

  2. Install your Bonita Studio.

What are the steps to create a Bonita application?

Thanks to the low-code Bonita platform you will not need to write a lot of code to create an application. The creation of Bonita applications relies heavily on models:

  • a process model (using BPMN standard)

  • a data model for business data management

  • a WYSIWYG tool for user interface design

  • and more.

Creating an application in Bonita Studio (the Bonita development environment) requires the following steps:

  • graphically design one or several processes using BPMN notation

  • define the data model using the Bonita Business Data Management feature (you can of course use your own database if needed)

  • create web user interfaces using the Bonita UI Designer (or your preferred web framework)

  • define users involved in the process, as well as the resources they have access to

  • configure connectors to integrate Bonita with the information system (e.g. to send an email, call a web service, and more.)

We will cover these steps in this getting started tutorial so you can get familiar with the concepts behind a Bonita application.

Ready? Let’s move to the nexts step: draw a BPMN diagram.