BCD command-line interface

On this page you will find detailed information about the BCD CLI with usage examples and reference.


  • First, the bcd command requires that the BCD_HOME environment variable is set. By default BCD_HOME is set to /home/bonita/bonita-continuous-delivery in the controller container.

  • Next, the bcd command takes a mandatory option called scenario through the -s / --scenario command line option. This option expects an existing relative or absolute path to a BCD YAML scenario file. The BCD scenario path can also be specified through the BCD_SCENARIO environment variable, hence allowing to skip the -s / --scenario command line option.

  • Finally, the BCD CLI expects to find Bonita version-specific dependencies in the $BCD_HOME/dependencies directory or any of its subdirectories. BCD dependencies include:

    • bonita-la-builder-*-exec.jar - (Mandatory) The Bonita Living Application Builder library

    • bonita-sp-*-maven-repository.zip - (Optional) The Bonita Maven repository zip if required by your Living Application workspace. Since BCD 3.0.0, dependencies can be retrieved as quay.io/bonitasoft/bcd-dependencies:<bonita_version> Docker images and they must be mounted as volumes in the $BCD_HOME/dependencies directory. You can read more about in Common installation steps

Usage examples

Running the build subcommand of the livingapp command with BCD_SCENARIO environment variable and subcommand -p and -e options:

$ export BCD_SCENARIO=scenarios/build-and-deploy.yml
$ bcd livingapp build -p path/to/livingapp-repo -e Test

Running the version command which does not require a scenario file:

$ bcd version

Multi command chaining

The BCD CLI allows to invoke more than one command in one go. This is useful to chain commands as a pipeline.

If one command fails then bcd stops executing any subsequent command it may have.


Running build then deploy subcommands of the livingapp command:

$ bcd -s scenarios/vagrant_single.yml --yes \
    livingapp build -p path/to/livingapp-repo -e Test deploy

Command-line reference

This section describes the comprehensive usage information for the bcd command.

You can also see this information by running bcd --help and bcd [COMMAND] --help - where COMMAND is in [livingapp, version] - from the command line.


Bonita Continuous Delivery CLI.



-s, --scenario <scenario> YAML scenario file path - MANDATORY OPTION unless BCD_SCENARIO environment variable is defined.

-y, --yes Execute action without confirmation prompt

-v, --verbose Enable Ansible verbose mode

--nocolor Turn output colorization off

-e, --extra-vars <extra_vars> Extra vars for Ansible (multiple) - Variables are passed using the key=value syntax.

-h,--help Show this help message

--version Show the version and exit.


Manage Bonita Living Application



-h, --help Show this help message


Build Bonita Living Application



-p, --path <path> Bonita Living Application repository path

-e, --environment <environment> Name of the process configuration environment as defined in Bonita Studio

-X, --debug Enable debug mode

-h, --help Show this help message


Deploy Bonita Living Application

$ bcd [BCD_OPTIONS] livingapp [LIVINGAPP_OPTIONS] deploy [OPTIONS]


-p, --path <path> Bonita Living Application archive or directory path

-c, --configuration-path <configuration_path> Bonita configuration (.bconf) archive path

--http-timeout <http_timeout> (Default: 120) Timeout in seconds for HTTP interactions with Bonita stack. The transaction timeout of the platform should be increased accordingly.

--disable-certificate-check Disable all certificate validation when connecting to a Bonita stack over HTTPS. This option may be used when a self-signed certificate is installed on the target Bonita stack

--development-mode Deploy for development environments (eg. processes and profiles are replaced if existing, organization data are merged).

-X, --debug Enable debug mode

-h, --help Show this help message


Extract parameters from a Bonita configuration archive (.bconf)

$ bcd [BCD_OPTIONS] livingapp [LIVINGAPP_OPTIONS] extract-conf


-p, --path <path> Bonita configuration (.bconf) archive path

--without-value Only extract parameters which do not have a value

-o, --output <output> Output file

-h, --help Show this help message


Merge parameters into a Bonita configuration archive (.bconf)

$ bcd [BCD_OPTIONS] livingapp [LIVINGAPP_OPTIONS] merge-conf [OPTIONS]


-p, --path <path> Bonita configuration (.bconf) archive path

-i, --input <input> Input parameter file

-o, --output <output> Output file

-h, --help Show this help


Show BCD version information

$ bcd version [OPTIONS]


-h, --help Show this help message