Use a connector to set the value of a transient variable

Product version:
6.5, 6.4
Product edition:
  • Teamwork
  • Efficiency
  • Performance

You can use a connector output to fill in an initial value (initialize) of a transient data field used in a form.

  1. Go to the Details panel for a task or pool, and in the Application tab, Pageflow panel, select the Transient Data tab.
  2. If the transient variable does not already exist, click the Add button beside the Transient data table to create the transient variable.
  3. Select the transient variable, then configure the connector by clicking the Add button beside the Connectors table.
  4. Select the relevant connector and complete the steps in the wizard to configure it.

The connector is now configured to set the value of a transient variable.

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Last update on Feb, 17 2015