Redirect URL tutorial

Product version:
6.5, 6.4
Product edition:
  • Teamwork
  • Efficiency
  • Performance

This page contains an example of how to use a PHP form in a human task in place of a form defined in Bonita BPM Studio. It shows how to send a variable value to a form, and how to retrieve a value from the form and save it to a variable. The form is displayed by a servlet in Bonita BPM Portal, which communicates with Bonita BPM Engine. This means that the Portal must be running. You also need a web server. This example was created with a Apache web server, which was running on the same node as Bonita BPM Portal so the URLs reference localhost. Make sure that your web server is running before you run the process.

There are two stages:

  • Create the process definition
  • Write the PHP code

When you have created the process definition and deployed the PHP code, you can run the process to test the PHP form.

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Last update on Mar, 16 2015