LDAP synchronizer

Product version:
7.2, 7.1, 7.0
Product edition:
  • Teamwork
  • Efficiency
  • Performance

The LDAP synchronizer is a service for synchronizing Bonita BPM and LDAP directory users and groups in a single direction, LDAP to Bonita BPM.

The LDAP synchronization service keeps the Bonita BPM organization information synchronized with an external LDAP directory, by creating, updating, or removing users and groups in the organization to match as closely as possible the user list attributes defined in LDAP. It does not modify the LDAP directory.

The LDAP Synchronizer connects to both the LDAP server and Bonita BPM Engine to read the data from the LDAP server and modify the organization in the Bonita BPM Engine database using the API. Both the Engine and the LDAP server must be running when the LDAP Synchronizer tool is run.

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Last update on Jan, 21 2016