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This example shows you how to create a new user and assign the user to a profile.

Create a new user by calling the createUser method:

// create new user, with username john and password bpm
final User user = identityAPI.createUser("john", "bpm");
System.out.println("New user created: " + user);

Alternatively, you can create a more complex user object as follows:

// create complex user
UserCreator creator = new UserCreator("john", "bpm");
creator.setFirstName("Johnny").setLastName("B. Good");
ContactDataCreator proContactDataCreator = new ContactDataCreator().setAddress("32 rue
        Gustave Eiffel"
).setCity("Grenoble").setPhoneNumber("555 14 12 541");
final User user2 = identityAPI.createUser(creator);

Now add the user to a Bonita BPM Portal profile. A user who does not have a profile cannot log in to Bonita BPM Portal.

// reference the user in the profile User
// the user must be now registered in one profile. Let's choose the profile user
org.bonitasoft.engine.api.ProfileAPI orgProfileAPI = apiAccessor.getProfileAPI();
SearchOptionsBuilder searchOptionsBuilder = new SearchOptionsBuilder(0,10);
searchOptionsBuilder.filter(ProfileSearchDescriptor.NAME, "user");
SearchResult<Profile> searchResultProfile = orgProfileAPI.searchProfiles(searchOptionsBuilder.done());
// we should find one result now
if (searchResultProfile.getResult().size()!=1)
        { return; }

// now register the user in the profile
Profile profile = searchResultProfile.getResult().get(0);
ProfileMemberCreator profileMemberCreator = new ProfileMemberCreator( profile.getId());
profileMemberCreator.setUserId( user.getId());

To create a user with more complete information, use the UserBuilder to create an instance of User and then use the createUser method with the User as parameter.

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Last update on Feb, 17 2015