Create a form

Product version:
6.2, 6.1, 6.0
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  • Community
  • Teamwork
  • Efficiency
  • Performance

A form is the part of a process that is visible to users. It can contain one page or several. A form can be attached to the pool or to a human task in the process.

if you have already configured your process and step variables, they can be automatically included when you create a form.

To create a form:

  1. Go to Bonita BPM Studio, select the pool or human task.
  2. Go to the Details panel > Application tab. Select Pageflow, or Overview pageflow. Click on Add.
  3. In the wizard that appears, select Create a new form and click on Next.
  4. Name the form.
  5. If you have defined global or local variables, the next wizard will present the choice Add widgets based on the variables you have defined. You can select all, unselect all, or individually select some of them. If you do not have variables defined yet, no widget choices will be presented. You can add them in the next steps.
    If you select any variables, they will show up in widgets in the Form Builder whiteboard that appears. If you have no variables, or have not selected any, you will see two empty cells and a submit button in the Form Builder whiteboard.
    The Form Builder will always add a Submit button to a new form.
  6. Click Finish

The form is created. You can arrange the widgets in the order you want, and you can add other widgets from the palette.

You can also create a form using an existing form as a template. Follow the steps above, but at step 3, select Duplicate a form from the list below. Choose one of the templates, or a form from one of the other processes in your workspace, and follow the steps in the wizard to create the form. You can modify the form after it is created.

We recommend that you keep form pages short. It is better to have a multi-page form with a small number of widgets on each page, grouping related information. Pages with lots of widgets load slowly. Also, if you are using a mobile interface for forms, arange the widgets in a single column.

Last update on Nov, 20 2014