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Top tutorials

How to export a process for installation / deployment More details
Advanced export lets you choose which type of files to export by ticking checkboxes.In Bonita Studio, go to Process in the menu bar and select Advanced export.In the Export wizard, choose:Do you want to export the Bonita engine?  NoAre you going to...
How to use the design manipulation tools More details
Marquee tool for multiple selectionClick on the Marquee Tool in theDesign paletteOn a pool, select the elements you want to move, by a left click on the mouse and at the same time dragging horizontally and vertically to create a dotted line zone...See videoSee video
Introduction tutorials
The Introduction Tutorial is currently available in PDF form only.
How to create text annotation More details
To create a text annotation from the design palette, go to the text annotation icon and drag it into place on the process (pool).Drag it to any place on the process pool where you want to add a note of explanation. This creates an empty, free-...See video
How to create a new diagram More details
There are 3 ways to create a new diagram:From the Design menu of the Welcome pageFrom the Cool barFrom the Menu barLaunch Bonita Studio, then on the Welcome page in the Design menu, click on New.In Bonita Studio, click on New in the Cool bar.In the...See video
How to draw a transition More details
When an element, such as a task, is created using drag and drop from the design palette, no transition is created. When an element is created from another element using the context palette, a transition is created automatically.Draw a transition...See video
How to define simulation variables for a process More details
Click on a pool to select it.Go to the Details Panel for the pool, >Simulation tab > Data pane.Click on Add.Enter the name for the variable.Choose whether it is based on probability or an expression.If the variable will be filled...
How to apply simulation variables to a task More details
To apply simulation variables for a task, go to its Details panel>Simulation tab> General pane.Click on Add.Here you can select a variable that was defined at the process level, and associate it with an expression.If you need a simulation...
How to assign probability of input for simulated data More details
Click on the pool or task, and in the Details panel > click on the Simulation tab > and the Data pane.Click on the variable to be assigned a probability and Edit.Assign a probability to a Boolean variableFor a Boolean variable, enter...
How to change the task type More details
Change a task type from the context paletteClick on a task in a process, e.g. a human task.This will display its context palette.Cchange it to a a different type, for example, to a service task:Click on the context palettetools icon below the task...See video