This documentation (Bonita Open Solution V5) is an archive. Please click here for current documentation.

Manage processes


The process administrator can manage deployed processes from the User Experience inbox.

The Processes list will show, for each process,

  • its state
  • its name
  • its version number
  • its description

From here, you can

  • Open design Show the process map for one selected process
  • Delete all cases All the implemented cases of the selected process(es) will disappear systemwide (from the admin and the users inboxes)
  • Disable Processes are disabled but not deleted. Users will not be able to start new instances of this process and current instances will continue to run
  • Enable To use a disabled process again, enable it
  • Archive This archives the process; it is no longer active or accessible but a record is kept
  • Remove This deletes a process and all cases associated with it
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