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Use a process instantiation form

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The process instantiation form is the first form an end user sees. Its purpose is to initialize process variables at the creation of the process instance.

Use it to be sure that a user provides a minimum set of information before starting a new process instance. For example, a process to handle an order on a website can wait to have at least one item in the basket before creating the instance to handle user validation, availability check, payment, etc.

When the user clicks on the Submit button, a case of the process is started (instantiated).

If no instantiation form has been designed in Bonita Studio, a default instantiation form will be displayed.

The instantiation form is presented in the web application specified in the process design (for BOS-SP, see Access a form via a URL). To determine the default URL for the instantiation form or to change it manually, see Web applications Overview.

The process instantiation form can be skipped (set option Skip).

If Skip is checked, the instance is automatically created.