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Create detailed simulation reports (SP)


When a process is run, simulation reports can be created in PDF format, and saved to a folder.

When you run a simulation with Bonita Open Solution Subscription Pack, Teamwork version, you will see the following summaries, displayed slightly differently from and along with the reports normally generated in Bonita Open Solution:

  • Load profile: total number of iterations run
  • Resources Overview: how many of which resources were used
  • Most Waited Resources: resources whose limitation held up the process the longest
  • Activities Execution Time: statistics on execution times per step
  • Activities Waiting Times: statistics on how long steps waited for available resources
  • Instances Execution Time: execution time in hours vs date
  • Instances Performance: Instances completed on time vs instances over max estimated time
  • Time by Instance: minimum, average, and maximum execution times calculated over all iterations
  • Lifecyle Cost: minimum, average, and maximum lifetime cost calculated over all iterations
  • Process Waiting Time: waiting times calculated individually for each resource

Then follows a series of reports calculated for each element in the Process:

  • Instances Execution Time
  • Instances Waiting Time
  • Execution Time and Waiting Time by Instance
  • Instance Performance

These are followed by a series of reports for each resource used in the simulation:

  • Consumption: number/amount of this resource consumed or used vs date
  • Cost: total cost of this resource consumed or used vs date
  • Utilization: rate of utilization of the resource through the total simulation lifespan
  • Resource summary: summary by instance
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