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Process Simulation

Open Source

Use simulation in Bonita Open Solution to evaluate the way a process runs under different resource availabilities and different load profiles.

This section will deal with

  • configuring simulation data
  • exporting and importing artifacts
  • running simulation processes
  • and creating reports.

To use the simulation function on a process, you will first define simulation parameters on individual elements (generally, on tasks), then define overall simulation resources and load profiles for the process. There is an example process included in BOS, "Delivery-Simulation", which illustrates how to configure a simulation, using two simple processes with the same tasks and simulation parameters but slightly different flows.

You can run both to see and compare the simulation reports.

When you run a simulation, BOS instantiates a specified number of iterations over a specified period of time, either with simulated data or with assigned probabilities to take different paths.

The cumulated result of all iterations is shown in a report.