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What's new in this version

Open Source

Version 5.9 of Bonita Open Solution introduces improvements in performance and stability. It includes the following changes:

  • Introduction of key-based correlation of messages. See message events for details. 
  • Minor changes to the organization of the files in the REST folder in the file (the with_engine folder is now called with_execution_engine_without_client, and the without_engine folder is now called without_execution_engine_without_client).

A process that was developed in Bonita Studio 5.8 will run on version 5.9.

This version of Bonita Open Solution runs on Java 6 or Java 7.  If you update your system to use Java 7 and a process has connectors or Groovy scripts that use Java methods that are not supported in Java 7, you will need to replace these methods.

See the Migration topic for details of how to migrate your production and development environments.

See the Release Notes, available from the Documentation tab on the Downloads page, for a techncial description of the changes in this version.