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Set process validation


When a process model is incomplete (for example, a lane or task is missing an actor assignment, a connector has an incomplete configuration, a gateway is missing a branching instruction, etc), a red X appears on the element. This indicates that there is a correction needed in order for the process to execute.

You can de-activate this feature so you won't see the X marks in your process elements, which is useful when you want to share a clean diagram.

Re-activate it when you want to see if there are missing configurations in the process.

You can de-activate or activate process validation either on an individual process diagram, or set it to apply by default to all diagrams created by a specific user profile.

Note: If this validation feature is activated on a User Profile, it will not be applied to the current process and therefore not be immediately visible. It will only be applied to all newly created diagrams. It is also only applied to one user profile at a time.

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