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Message events


Message events are used in a process to carry information from one process (pool) to another.  Messages are unique; that is, a single message is sent and a target can receive a single message.  This is useful to synchronize two processes, for example.

This is a definition specific to BPMN - these are not messages sent by email or chat. (To send email, see email connectors).

Since transitions / process flow cannot cross process boundaries in BPMN, messages are used to carry information such as data from one process to another.  This requires configuration called data mapping between the throw message and the catch message.

Messages cannot be sent within a pool; only between pools (processes).

To send information to multiple receivers at once, or within a pool, use signals.

There five types of message events:

    • Intermediate throw message: sends a message containing data
    • Intermediate catch message: receives a message containing data
    • Start message: catches a message with its data and starts a process
    • End message: ends the process and sends a message containing data
    • Boundary message: attached to a task, and aborts the task on receipt of a message from another pool.  The process then takes an alternate path.

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