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Actor selection and assignment

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Actors are the individuals called to complete a Task (they become users in the deployed process). All human tasks must have at least one actor assigned.

Generally, assigning an actor is a dynamic process. An actor selector, defined by the process designer, is activated at process execution. The actor selector is similar to a connector; you will create them, configure them according to your requirements and external IT systems, and then apply them where needed.

All of the tasks defined in a lane can be assigned to the same actor(s), or actors can be assigned task by task. You can also define actor(s) for a lane and subsequently override this assignment on a task-by-task basis.

If desired, you can also define static (fixed) lists of individuals for a lane or task. This is useful for development and testing.

To assign a subset of actors from a list returned by an actor selector, you can define and apply a filter. See Apply a Filter to assign a subset of Actors.